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Imagine a world where GPs can send their patients to the right consultant without any guesswork or uncertainty. No time wasted. No wrong appointments. Medora makes that possible by bridging the gap between GPs and consultants. Together, you can create a healthier New Zealand.

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Medora connects GPs and Consultants

Our mission is to create connections that count

Consultants needs GP referrals ... and GPs need consultants to refer patients to. But, how do GPs find the right consultants to refer? And how can consultants build relationships with GPs to receive their referrals? Medora is the platform where you can create these connections.

So how do we create these connections?

Knowing is the first step

The only way to build these connections is to really get to know one another; know what each other can do; and know what each other is about.

We talked to consultants and GPs across the country. The best way they told us we could achieve this was to allow consultants to share what they know.

That's why Medora allows you to connect over video; consultants are able to record webinars for GPs in their local area.

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I'm in! What's next?

We've tailored our plans for what you really need

We've created two different plans based on what consultants and GPs, from around the country, told us they want and need.

GPs and consultants play two different roles in a patient's wellbeing. Our plans reflect that – there are even a few surprises you might not be expecting.

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