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Recording the webinars is easy

Written by Alex Popadich

Doing webinars on the Medora platform is easy.

Step 1: Need to log into the Medora platform as a consultant (will need a paid or trial account) and then click on the button - Create a webinar

Step 2: Fill in all the fields in the webinar details and push the Publish button

Step 3: Files to upload

Best files are:

  1. Screen sharing - is the best option as you can use any of your favourite presenting tools and there is no need to upload the documents.

  1. Pdf - you can convert any presentation into the pdf (Powerpoint, Keynote, etc). As above do not use transitions.
  2. Powerpoint - please do not insert videos or transitions into the slides. These do not work well with webinar platforms. Use just normal slides
  3. Whiteboard - this can be used for sketches/flow diagrams etc. within the webinar platform. My recommendation would be to write these on a piece of paper or use apps to do this and then take a photo. It just works better, and it's easier to doKeynote files are at this stage not supported by Bigmarker webinar platform.
  4. Videos can easily be used but may need to be compressed as file uploads can be slow.

Step 4: Equipment

  1. The best browser is either Google Chrome or Mozilla. At times Safari crashes. This applies to most if not all webinar platforms, not just Bigmarker
  2. Microphone - You can just use your microphone from the computer. For the best sound, I would recommend USB plug-in microphone with a pop filter. Email me on the link below if you need any suggestions for this. I have a Blue Yeti USB microphone
  3. Use the camera from the computer, it's okay. If you have the external camera attached to your computer system, you can also use this, just change your computer settings to reflect this.
  4. If you are not happy with the webinar, you can always delete it, so don't worry.

Step 5: Other recommendations for smooth webinar presenting

  1. Practice webinars before going live/recording
  2. Make your presentation around 15 min, the best length as GPs might not have time to watch long presentations. Short ones are watched better. We will be keeping data on the length of the watched videos and let you know if recommendations or best-watched videos change.
  3. Use the camera from the computer to show the GPs what you look like while you are introducing yourself in the beginning. Check that the camera shows your face/neck/shoulders. Look at the camera when you are introducing yourself. You can continue with the split screen or just presentation screen after that

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