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Written by Dr Alex Popadich

Medora update

The sales team is in the full swing.  They are on track to employ the sales rep and the whole project has been mapped.

We are in the process of contacting the specialists and organising all the meetings.

If you are interested in joining Medora, please let me know and I will get Jay and his team contact you.

Book I am reading

I have started reading the book "Deep Medicine" by Eric Topol.

I have to admit, even for me who is a gadget person, this book ahas been a bit difficult to read/listen.  It is a long book and a bit dry.  But it has multiple interesting points about technology in medicine, it's benefits and pitfalls.

Interesting thing for me to find out is the lack of medical data, or at times how hard it is to obtain the medical data.  The other problem with medical data is that the outcomes are hard to quantify or measure.  In medicine 1+1 is usually 2, but sometimes 3.

But the quality and amount of data in healthcare is missing, so the companies are not able to that easily develop the algorithms and then test these in different setting.

But the future of medicine is definitely going to involve AIs.   These will process quickly the amount of data that is available, find the patterns and help clinicians gather the important data or diagnosis.  But it will never completely replace humans and the hope is that the doctors and other health professionals will have more time to interact with patients, not gather the data necessary or input the data into the computers.

Gadgets and Apps

I have started using the app called Forrest to minimise the use of my phone while I am doing my most important tasks for the day.

The good things about this app are:

  • You can set the counter for how long you want to work without the interruptions
  • It's very visual - you grow the tree as the counter goes down to 0
  • If you touch the phone the time finishes, you kill your growing tree
  • It's a free app for most things

Not so good things about this app

  • You cannot keep the trees/forrest you grow unless you pay for the account
  • The app is fairly cheap, just over $3.00 for Android, but it may not work with Android updates
  • If you want to use it on iOS as well as Android, you have to pay for it again