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Weekly Update 13th of September

Written by Dr Alex Popadich

Medora update

We are working on improving the website and database and signing up specialists at the moment.  The sales team are in the full swing at the moment.

Please let us know if you'd like us to contact your practice to arrange a meeting.

The book I am reading

I have finished reading the book  Hillbilly Elegy by J.D Vance.  Thank you, Dr Anna Nicholson, for lending me the book to read.  Quite an interesting read and according to Wikipedia, they are in the process of making a movie that Ron Howard will direct.

It's a memoir that describes the hillbilly community, the poor, working-class white people community in the Appalachian Mountains.  This community is ruled by poverty, divorce and drug addiction.  This is a community that is very pessimistic, struggles to keep jobs and has no future.  In this community, there is a crisis of available jobs, the crisis of masculinity, the crisis of the family unit and the crisis of healthcare.  And they struggle to get into university and change their way of living or looking at the world.

This is a community that has voted for Trump and is present in any country.

It's a great book at giving us a glimpse into dysfunction present in certain communities and maybe how we could help them get out of this situation.  Definitely a book worth reading.

The book I am going to start reading is The Barcelona Way by Damian Hughes.  It's about the development of winning team culture.

Gadgets and Apps

Several months ago I have bought a Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music watch.  But now the new version 4 is out.  There are no huge differences apart from the size and touch controls.

What I like about the watch

  • Ability to listen to music during the exercise without having to bring the phone
  • More accurate with regards to energy expenditure than FitBit or Apple Watch I used to have
  • It's not really a smartwatch (if you have had Apple Watch).  There are few things you can do, but it's not good for emails or texts, it just notifies you that they are there (if you want these notifications).  And I bought this because I did not want to have a smartwatch.  I had one but did not want to have it again.
  • It's good at assessing your sleep cycle

What I do not like about the watch

  • The heart rate monitor is not very good for interval training or short bursts of activity, as it takes a while to register the quick rises in the heart rate (not sure why).
  • If you by chance delete the activity after finishing it, it's impossible to get it back
  • The watch faces are a bit boring looking, not a lot of colour

I am just about to leave New Zealand for my 5 weeks of leave.  I am going with dad to visit all the relatives and places we used to live in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

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