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Update 7th of November

Written by Dr Alex Popadich

Medora update

We have decided which conferences we are going to attend to promote Medora brand. At this stage, it is at least the New Zealand Association of General Surgeons conference in New Plymouth, Wakefield GP conferences and Rotorua GP CME conference. We are thinking of a few more.

In the background, we are improving on the search functions of the website and the whole website configuration.

The Book I am reading

I am still reading a book called The Fall of Yugoslavia by Misha Glenny. It is a fascinating read and probably a very balanced view of events that happened in ex-Yugoslavia. It's about the split-up of Yugoslavia in the 90s and the horrible wars that followed. It talks about major players and different forces etc. Will do a more in-depth review in the next blog.

The Podcast That I am Listening To

I have recently started listening to the podcast called Your Undivided Attention. All eight episodes are amazing. Still, my two favourite ones are the episodes with Natasha Dow Schull, the author of Addiction by Design, and the episode with Guillaume Chaslot, which talks about YouTube algorithm.

The episodes with Natasha are about the gambling or better-said casino industry. She talks about how the casinos are built to suck people in and keep them there and how the slot machines are made to keep people playing. They compare the slot machines to smartphones and how the smartphones are built to keep people interacting with the phone and causing addictions to the phones and apps.

The episode with Guillaume, he sheds light on the YouTube algorithm. YouTube always gives you the same kind of content that you have watched. The problem is that the algorithm is leading you to things that are more and more crazy - extremism. It leads you towards the radicalism, anti-vax sites, conspiracy theories.

Gadgets and Apps

I have been using Woven, which has a powerful scheduling tool, and it's also a calendar app. I have been using it to schedule the appointments and also to build templates, for fast time blocking off my calendar. I use time blocking technique to get things done quickly. Scheduling is easy with this app, and you can also do a poll on the best times to have a meeting.

Woven is based on Google email account, and at this stage, you have to have one. They are working on Microsoft email accounts as well as iCloud accounts. Woven is a free application, which is even better.

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