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Written by Dr Alex Popadich

Medora update

Changes to the website

We have improved the search function significantly. You can now search quickly and efficiently by:

  • Distance or location
  • Type of procedure
  • Type of consultant
  • Affiliated provider status or ACC referral status

There are also other changes to our website that are slowly happening over the next month. All of us at Medora are very excited about these changes.

Conferences that we will be attending are the Goodfellows symposium which is 26th to 28th of March, New Zealand General Surgeon's Annual Meeting in New Plymouth which is on the same weekend 26th to 29th of March. We are then attending Acurity Conference in Wellington on 15th and 16th of May. We are also going to the GP CME conference in Rotorua as well as in South Island later on in the year.

The book I am reading

I have finished reading the book "The Fall of Yugoslavia" by Misha Glenn. I have lived in Croatia during most of this time. We moved to New Zealand in mid of 1995. Even for me, this book is an interesting read. It's a hard book to read, and I will have to reread it sometime. There are lots of facts in this book, some I have known and some I did not know. Both Serbian and Yugoslav forces did horrible things in Croatia and did a lot of ethnic cleansing. And all three sides, Bosnian Serb forces, Bosnian Croat forces and Moslem forces (Muslim) did horrible things in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even the author admits that none knows the whole truth about the events that happened. There were soo many plots and sooo many fake news to be able to get to know the truth. It also talks about the influence that Germany had, especially in the events in Croatia, and the USA and Germany towards the end of the Bosnian war (1995-96).

In the end, it was the people who lived there that suffered, both Croatian, Serb and especially Moslems.

I have started reading the book "Digital Minimalism, On Better Living with Less Technology" by Cal Newport, the author of Deep Work

Gadgets and Apps

I have to admit, I have been battling flu and struggled to keep up with everything. It has been now over two weeks, and I am still struggling with it. So no gadgets and apps function this Blog update.

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