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Byweekly Update

Written by Dr Alex Popadich

Medora update

The team at Hatch has been working hard on the search update and website in general update. Just waiting on my Video introduction and we are good to go.

The sales team are at the same time starting to contact practices to arrange a meeting with the specialists, both GPs and consultants.

The book I am reading

I have finished reading Pretty Unhealthy by Dr Nikki Stamp. Dr Stamp is an Australian cardiothoracic surgeon. This book is her second book, but the first one that I have read. I have enjoyed reading her book.

We are all obsessed with our health and our looks. There is an image pushed in society that beautiful is same as healthy, as fat is unhealthy. In this book, Dr Stamp debunks this notion. Beautiful may or may NOT equal healthy. Fat may or may NOT equal unhealthy.

Society and money-making health industry have been making us feel ashamed of ourselves, what we look like, who we are, how we dress, so they can sell us more products. If we feel low, we are more likely to buy something that we may or may not need to make us feel better.

From Dr Stamp's book:

"As a society, we have lost sight of what it is to be truly healthy: to have bodies that are resilient to disease, and able to do everything we want them to do, and to feel emotionally fulfilled. Instead, we have become obsessed with an ideal: with losing weight fast, fitness fads and superficial judgements about how healthy or unhealthy people appear."

Despite all this "healthy" industry, we are getting fatter, we are more unfit, and we are dying younger. We are eating more and more processed food because it's convenient and tastes good due to salt and sugar content. We are exercising less, while we are being sold gym membership and more gym gear than ever. Exercise does not need to be in the gym, and it can be at home, walking or running outside, biking to and from work or anything.

As I said, I have enjoyed reading her book and would recommend everyone to read it. It's an easy read.

Gadgets and Apps

Zoom is my video conferencing platform of choice. It is of much better quality than Skype, the calls do not crash at all, and you can record your meetings or conferences as well for a record. The free plan includes unlimited 1:1 meetings and up to 40min group meetings. You can also screen share your computer screen so others can easily see what you are doing. I use this tool every week, and it's great. And most importantly, it's easy to use, and you can use it from your phone or tablet as well. And you can use Zoom free plan for most of these features. I am on the free plan too.

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